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  1. Anyone interested, in joining , the Outreach Committee , or sharing ideas , for community outreach, please contact Tony Cygan, (Trinity), or Tracey Schaffer, (Salem). Also, we like to hear, from , those involved, in exsisting outreach programs , and what these programs entail , and provide , for there, outreach member’s and recipents. Any input, would be appreciated. Thank’s, and keep up the great work.

  2. Peggy Eng says:

    Have you ever thought about cooking for Victory House of Lehigh Valley? They’re located on Fillmore St. They are a shelter for about 50 men. They ask for vilunteers to cook dinner for them. My yoga group volunteers once a month, but you don’t have to commit for that. You can only do it one and if it’s not a fit, then that’s ok. You can contact Jim Hogg at 610-691-3373.

    • jlangkam says:

      Hi Peggy,

      Thanks for your comment! I think Holy Trinity-Salem volunteers regularly prepare meals for Victory House. Contact Kathy Sparrow if you want to learn more. -Jason

  3. Margaritaptt@aol.com says:

    Can someone tell me if your church has pantry and what to do to direct those in need in our community?

  4. Charlene Wilson says:

    will there be a 2017 bell concert? when?

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